Why We Don’t Worry About Our Competitors

Why We Don’t Worry About Our Competitors

It is easy to be consumed with envy, but is it productive? Does it promote growth? Does it increase retention? We don’t think so.

We are not blind to our competitors, but rather view them as our peers. There are so many variables that determine success that it just doesn’t make sense to consume ourselves with worry. So, we don’t.

Instead of focusing on what others are doing, we elect to focus on what we can control; Our employees and our relationships with our clients and associates. We made some big moves in 2018 and are ready to go full stride in 2019. We opened four new centers in 2018 expanding our reach from Lake Erie, Ohio all the way to The Lone Star State.

The beginning of 2018 started us on a new journey, we focused on our re-brand and building the best possible culture for our employees. We firmly believe that if we can stay abreast to industry trends, while creating a culture to be proud of, we will grow. And believe us, we want to.

We have an aggressive business plan to continue expansion and growth to better serve our client’s needs, but we realize, we can’t be everything to everyone. It is in the best interest of our clients, our associates and our employees to fall in line. We started in 2007 paying ONE associate and can proudly say we paid more than 16,500 associates in 2017. Talk about growth!

We are investing heavily in changing the landscape of industrial recruiting. Have you visited a local center lately? The paint is fresh. We have created a culture center within each of our locations, providing hot and cold drinks to all visitors; We even wrapped three vehicles, a car, a van and our famous RV. All of which are used as mobile recruiting tools. We are attempting to bring comfort and accessibility to all our centers, associates and clients.

This trend will continue in 2019. We want to grow. We want to continue to develop ways to better serve our clients and associates through creative recruiting methods. The market is ever changing and although we may not be able to predict the upcoming trends, we can promise you this, we will continue to push. Stay tuned…

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